How to Apply for Andhra Bank Credit Card

Apply for Andhra Bank Credit Card: Do you have an account in Andhra Bank and want to apply for Andhra Bank Credit Card? If yes, then you have reached the correct destination. If you have issues, then don’t worry, here we will provide you all the steps required to apply for Andhra Bank Credit Card. For all the people who don’t know, Andhra is the first bank, which introduced credit card in India in 1981.

A credit card is a small plastic card which is being issued by the bank. Andhra Bank issues a credit card to a customer based on certain rules and regulations. A person who is having a credit card, he/she will be able to purchase various Goods and Services using on a condition of paying back the money in a particular amount of time.

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How to Apply for Andhra Bank Credit Card

Apply for Andhra Bank Credit Card Online

Apply for Andhra Bank Credit Card

In the last few years, the use of credit card is increased to a greater extent. Using credit card you can perform various tasks such as booking tickets, purchases goods, and services, paying taxes, etc. Also, making payment using Credit Card doesn’t cost you extra money, which is one of the best features. Andhra Bank provides various types of Credit Card such as Visa Classic, Visa Gold, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Visa Corporate and Platinum Credit Card.

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Features of Credit Card

Andhra Bank Credit Card provides a wide range of features as given below:

Currency: Using Credit Card, you will not only be able to pay for domestic currency but also for foreign currency. However, various charges such as annual fee, cash withdrawal, over limit fee, late payment charges, service tax are all applicable on foreign currency transactions

Offers: All the Credit Cardholders will be able to avail offers such as gift coupons, reward points, cash back and various discounts on purchases.

Cash Withdrawal: At times of Emergency, we need to withdraw money via ATM. For a credit card holder, there is certain charge applicable. A Credit Cardholder can only withdraw money up to a certain limit, after which charges are applicable.

EMI: Depending on the bank, credit card holder also get the option to convert purchases into EMIs.
Balance Transfer: Also, you can cash from one credit card to another.

Credit History: You can build and review your credit history. This is helpful to make new purchases.

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Benefits of Credit Card

Various Benefits of Credit Card are as follows:

An alternative to Cash: As compare to cash, a credit card is very safe to carry at various places. Using Credit Card, you can make various Online as well as Offline purchases. Also, Credit Cardholders get amazing discounts online on various E-commerce sites.

Urgency: If there is a situation, where you need cash in an emergency, then a credit card can save you from various troubles.

Welcome offers: A Credit Card provides various offers such as reward points, discounts, schemes, etc.

Credit Offers: You can build your credit history and maintain it. A good credit history will be helpful to get credit at a time when you need the most.

Cash Back: While making payment using Credit Card at certain places, you will get cashback.
Secure and Safe Transactions: Bored of caring cash in your wallet, then the credit card is best. A credit card provides the best security while making online as well as offline transactions.

Eligible Criteria, Terms, and Conditions

All the Customers who want credit card should fulfill the following terms and conditions:

– Credit Cards are issued to the customer as well as non-customers on a selective basis.
– A Candidate should possess an Income of Rs 3.00 per Annum.
– Business Class: Should be filling 2 years of I.T Returns on the computational basis.
– Salaried Class: Form 16/ ITRs along with latest salary slip.
– Cards can also be issued against lien on deposit with 25% margin and a minimum deposit of Rs 1 Lakh without any requirement of income proof and scoring model. Also note that the annual subscription is just at a concessional rate of Rs 400 per annum on cards issued against the deposits, etc.

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Steps to apply for Andhra Bank Credit Card Online

All the users must have gone through benefits and features of Credit Card. If all of you are thinking how to apply for credit card? Then here you will get all the important details here. First of all, here is the main condition, you must have an account in Andhra Bank. It is the compulsory to have an account in Andhra Bank, to apply for Andhra Bank Credit card. Later, all the above terms and conditions should be satisfied.

Now, if you want to apply for Credit Card online, first of all, log in to your account and there will be an option to apply for Andhra Bank Credit Card.

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Steps to Apply for Andhra Bank Credit Card Offline

If you want to apply for Credit Card Offline, then follow the steps given below:
– First of all, visit the offline website of Andhra Bank.
– Now, on the left-hand side, you will get the option to get Download Forms, click on that.
– Now, Download the form and fill all the required details.
– Verify all the details in the application form and submit the form to the nearest Andhra Bank.

We hope that you got complete details about How to Apply for Andhra Bank Online and Offline. If you liked this article, then feel free to share it with your friends and followers.

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