Andhra Bank Online { How to Register/ Apply for Andhra Bank Online}*

Andhra Bank Online: Andhra Bank is medium-sized public sector bank in the country, which has more than 2800 branches and more than 3600 ATMs as per the data of March 2016. Its headquarters are located in Hyderabad, India. Andhra Bank is the first bank to introduce Credit Cards in the year 1981. The Bank is also ranked No 1 in terms of in Life Insurance Policies Organized among all the agency banks that are dealing with the LIC(Life Insurance Corporation of India). Andhra Bank Online provides a wide range of Internet Banking Services.

Andhra Bank Online

Andhra Bank


Net Banking is now useful in each and every sector. After Demonetisation, people started using Net Banking in their day to day life. Internet Banking has a lot of advantages. Andhra Bank provides a wide variety of services for Net Banking. The Services included in Andhra Bank Online are Utility Bill Payments, Tax Payments, Opening Savings/ Fixed Deposit Account, Blocking ATM/Debit Cards. To perform various Net Banking Activities you just require a Steady Internet Connection.

Andhra Bank Online Services

Andhra Bank Online Services are available 24×7, which means you didn’t need to stand in the big queue to perform various banking activities, you can do it at your home or office at your convenient time. Following are the various services provided by Andhra Bank Online:

Andhra Bank Online

Andhra Bank Internet Banking

1. Using Andhra Bank Online you can pay various utility bills like electricity bills, water bills, landline/postpaid bills, etc.

2. You can Transfer Funds to any Andhra Bank Account or any other Bank Account using Andhra Bank Online.

3. You can view the status of your transactions online and can download the statement.

4. You can book your locker online using Internet Banking.

5. You can update the status of your Aadhar Card online using Net Banking.

6. You can Block your ATM/ Debit Card using Andhra Bank Online.

7. You can Transfer Funds to any Third Party Owner using modes such as IMPS(Immediate Payment Service), RTGS and NEFT.

8. You can update the status of your Net Banking Account online.

9. You can Donate Funds to any Third Party using Andhra Bank Online.

10. Using Andhra Bank Online service you can purchase items from various E-Commerce sites.

11. You can Book Railway Tickets online from IRCTC or any Third Party Website using Andhra Bank online.

12. You can Book Tickets of Movies, Events, etc using Andhra Bank Online.

13. You can open Savings/ Fixed Deposit online using Net Banking.

14. You can Buy Loan which is convenient to you using Andhra Bank Online.

15. You can request for Cheque Book, Stop Payment of a Cheque online
using Andhra Bank Net Banking.

16. You can pay Direct and Indirect Taxes online using Andhra Bank Online.

17. You can open Demat Account Online and can view the status of it anytime.

18. You can donate the amount to various Religious Organizations or Charitable Trust using Andhra Bank Online.

19. For any Queries regarding the Net Banking Sevices, you can contact Andhra Bank Customer Care Number.
Customer Care Number: 1800-425-1515

How to Register for Andhra Bank Online?

Step to Register for Andhra Bank Online are as follows:

1. You should first visit the website link as given below:

2. Now you have to click on “Sign Up” to register for Net Banking Services.

3. After clicking on Sign up, new window will open, which will display two options,
– Mobile Number registered with the bank.
– Valid Andhra Bank ATM Card.

4. You should have both the things available to you if you don’t have then you can’t do Net Banking Registration. In order to activate any of the services, you can visit your Andhra Bank Home Branch.

5. If you have both things available with you, then click on “Continue”.

6. After this, you will be asked to enter your Customer ID. Enter Customer ID and then select the appropriate option from the IB Profile. Now click on “Proceed”.

7. Now they will ask you to enter your registered mobile number. Enter your registered mobile number and wait for OTP.

8. You will receive OTP on your Mobile Number for Verification Process. Enter OTP and then you are verified for Net Banking.

9. Now you can seamlessly access all the Andhra Bank Net Banking Services.

Registration by visiting the Bank

Follow the steps to register for Andhra Bank Net Banking:

1. First of all Download the Net Banking Registration Application from the website.

2. Fill all the essential details in it.

3. Submit the form to your Home Branch.

4. Further Guidance will be then provided by the Bank Representative.

To know in detail, how to register for Andhra Bank Internet Banking, watch the video as given below:

To login into your Andhra Bank Internet Banking, Visit this link.

Andhra Bank Other Online Services

Andhra Bank locker service

You can now book your Andhra  bank locker at your desired Andhra bank branch. In order to book your own locker you can go through the complete online process. Online locker booking facilities are now part of Andhra bank online services. You can avail this service by going to the official andhra bank online website.

Andhra Bank Tej Mobile Banking Application

Andhra bank has now launched their mobile banking application named TEJ Mobile Banking. This Andhra bank mobile banking application is available on Android app store. You can avail all the Andhra bank net banking facilities under this TEJ mobile banking app. Starting from account balance enquiry, Fund transfer, check FD, other services like credit card and bill payments services can be used in andhra bank mobile application.

Andhra Bank Loans – For Multiple Needs

Andhra bank also provides multiple loans as per your requirements. Few of the loan facilities provided by Andhra bank are as follows

Home Loans by Andhra Bank : Planning to buy a house? Andhra bank can help you buying your dream home with an attractive home loan schemes provided by Andhra bank you can start planning to buy your dream home now.

Andhra Bank Education Loan: Studying abroad or going for higher studies? Andhra Bank education loan helps you enhance your education skills and secure your future

Business Loans by Andhra Bank: If you are planning to start a new business or even willing to expand your existing business, Andhra bank business loans can help you get there. All you have to do is apply for Andhra bank loan online by visiting the official website of Andhra Bank.

Andhra Bank FAQs

Can I Change my Login Password?

Yes, you can change your login password as many times as you want. Also, Andhra Bank Suggests that you should change your password at periodic intervals.

Andhra Bank Mobile Banking

What are the essential requirements to avail the Andhra Bank Mobile Banking Services?

  • Users should have registered their Mobile Number for the Banking Services.
  • In order to register using ATM, users should have Andhra Bank ATM/Debit Card.
  • Only Retail Net Banking Customers can register for Mobile Banking.
  • Only an Indian Resident can use the Mobile Banking services.
  • Savings, Current and Overdraft Account can be linked to avail all the Mobile Banking Services.

How to register for Andhra Bank Mobile Banking?

There are different ways by which you can register for Andhra Bank Mobile Banking. All the ways are as follows:

1. Using ATM Card

  •  Visit any Andhra Bank ATM.
  • Insert your card in ATM, Enter your Pin and then you will view various Transactions options, select “Services” from it.
  • One window will prompt, in which you have to select “Mobile Banking”.
  • A submenu will open, select “Registration” from it. If you want to Deregister for Mobile Banking, select “Deregistration”.
  • The customer has to then Enter his/her 10-Digit Mobile Number and then click on “Correct” to continue.
  • Again you have to Enter the 10-Digit Mobile Number and then choose the appropriate Account Type.
  • Now you will receive MPIN in the form of slip after registration gets completed and you will be charged for the activation for the services.

2. Register at Andhra Bank Branch

  • Visit the Bank Branch where you hold Andhra Bank Account, Collect the Mobile Banking Application Form.
  • Fill all the mandatory Details and then Submit it to Bank Representative.
  • You will receive mPIN at your registered mobile number.

3. Register online

  • Firstly, login to your Personal Internal Banking.
  • Later on select “Mobile Banking Registration” available in New Initiative option and then you will view the “Request” Tab, click on the same.
  • Now user can select any of the one option given to him as below:
    –  Mobile Banking Registration
    –  Deregistration
    –  mPIN Regeneration
    – The user will receive the mPIN as soon as the request the processed.

4. Registration using App

  • Click on Sign up to register.
  • While there is another option, Sign in, which is for the existing mobile users. The user has to enter the 10-digit mobile number.
  • You will then see an Application form, where you have to enter details like card number, ATM pin, CVV, expiry date and registered mobile number.
  • You will receive mPIN to your registered mobile number soon.
  • The user needs to set then Application password, login and then change the mPIN to activate various services.

Andhra Bank’s Apps are available on both the platform, Android, and iOS.

Andhra Bank App is available on Android and iOS.

Various silent features of the app are listed below:

  • A simple user-interface for better understanding and suitable activation flow.
  • Transfer funds online to any third party account using IMPS.
  • View Statement of last 9 transactions.
  • Locate ATMs and Bank Branches on Google maps.
  • Pay Utility Bills.
  • Access various Internet Banking Services.

What is IMPS?

IMPS Stands for Immediate Payment Service (IMPS), which is an instant electronic fund transfer using mobile phones. All the Andhra Bank Customers who are registered with IMPS can send money to any IMPS customer of any Bank instantly using mPAY application. Here, each IMPS customer acts as a Beneficiary.

What is MMID?

MMID mainly stands for Mobile Money Identifier. MMID is a 7-Digit code which is given by the bank to all the customers who are using the IMPS service.

Do I need to register for anything for using IMPS? 

If you have registered mobile number with the bank and you are using mPAY application with the registered mobile number, then you can easily transfer money.

How to transfer money using mPAY?

Follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Login with your Account in the mPAY app.
  2. Now, Choose Fund Transfer Menu and then choose Fund Transfer to another bank.
  3. Now, choose IMPS and then choose Quick IMPS and then enter your mPIN.
  4. Then you have to Enter your 10 Digit Beneficiary Number followed by 7 Digit MMID code and amount.
  5. Lastly, confirm all of your details and get the IMPS Transaction Reference Number.

What is the transaction limit for sending money via IMPS?

Using the mPAY Application, you can transfer up to Rs 50,000 per day, while using SMS you can Transfer Rs 5000 per day.

How much money can I receive via IMPS?

You can receive Rs 50000 per day via IMPS from a user. Also, you can receive money transactions in a day, but maximum transaction limit is Rs 50,000 per day for the first 24 hrs after registration. Later on, you can receive Rs 2 Lakh per day using IMPS.

What occurs when I enter a wrong beneficiary number?

You require two details, mobile number, and MMID to transfer funds. Whenever you transfer funds, both mobile number and MMID are verified. If details are matched then your money is transferred.

When can I send money to Beneficiary and how much time it takes to get credited into beneficiary’s account?

You can send money 24×7 and money will be credited instantly. 

My Transaction is not completed. Will I get the money back? and when?

Yes, if you have made a Transfer using IMPS and if the amount is deducted from your Account but not credited to the Beneficiary Account then you can register a complaint by mentioning the following details:

  • Sender’s Mobile Number
  • Sender’s Account Number
  • RRN (Transaction Reference Number)
  • Date of Transaction
  • Beneficiary Bank Name
  • Beneficiary Mobile Number
  • Beneficiary MMID
  • Amount of Transaction

All of your Queries will be resolved within 8-10 days.

How will be I able to know the Amount is debited and it is being added to beneficiary’s Account?

You will receive a Debited Amount SMS on your registered mobile number once amount will be debited from your Account.